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Proven Techniques for Boosting Website Performance Front-end and Back-end Optimization

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Setting a goal for where you want your website to be is essential before we begin discussing how to enhance website performance. You may find it challenging if you don't know what a reasonable page speed is.

According to Google's most recent recommendations, the quicker your website loads, the more likely you are to get favorable results and increase your conversion rate. Because of this, wix website redesign website optimization is the most important factor for each website owner.

Here, we'll go over some tips and tactics for enhancing website performance that speeds up page loads by optimizing both the back end and the front end of your website because both are equally crucial. So let's get going!

Facing Website Performance Issues?

A well-performing website represents a brand and its image. As a better UI/UX can be achieved quickly, monitoring the performance of your website is crucial. Every user anticipates a top-notch, quick website. On occasion, wix website redesign the website may not function properly, causing you to experience problems that could affect your operations.

Of the 20 digital product owners, 17 think that website performance may be hampered by back-end problems. They surely have a point, though. There is a 60% to 70% chance that there could be back-end problems. However, did you realize that front-end problems can also cause a website to perform poorly when it comes to optimization?Some of you will agree, but others won't.

What is a Full Stack Developer?

In a nutshell, a full-stack developer is an experienced programmer with knowledge of both front-end and back-end programming to provide a seamless user experience. A full-stack developer can switch between different application components without experiencing undue workload. When making long-term plans or creating new features, wix website redesign this is a significant advantage.

How a Full-Stack Developer Can Assist You in Resolving Back-end Problems

The N+1 Query Problem

When any queries are applied to related fields in your database, as opposed to writing a single compound SQL query that includes all the reports that need to be recovered, the N+1 query complexity commonly occurs. With eager loading, a single object is used to request all related queries rather than many inquiries, wix website redesign which could impede the performance of your application.

Database Optimization

Database optimization is extremely important for enhancing site performance. Your performance may occasionally be slowed down and your database may become denormalized by unoptimized databases.

Caching on servers and browsers

Caching is the technique in computing of saving data and loading it again so that subsequent requests for that data may be met more quickly and the web page doesn't have to be generated repeatedly for each user. Caching enables users to work with large amounts of data fast while utilizing the least amount of server resources on both the client and server sides.

Web hosting service

Backups and server management are done by web hosting services. Depending on the web hosting service and web hosts with different capabilities and scalability options, it aids in improving website performance. The most common, frequently used, wix website redesign and well-liked type of web hosting overall is shared hosting.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A distributed proxy server known as an "edge server" is a content delivery network (CDN). Its feature enables you to cache both dynamic and static content, including CSS, JavaScript, and picture files. It helps to increase website performance by speeding up page loads and boosting server performance to reduce your performance.

What are the solutions for front-end issues?

Lazy Loading

When you ask a web browser to load a page, it asks for its images without considering other factors like whether they are visible in the viewport or not. Lazy loading loads all of the viewable photos first, then asynchronously loads the remaining ones as the user scrolls. It aids in enhancing website performance by lowering the loading request.

Responsive Images

It is yet another key approach to making better use of viewport space by reducing the size of your website's pages. Implement the srcset and sizes properties to display the right image size based on the viewport size.

Removed Unused CSS

Bootstrap is a collection of highly reusable classes for constructing speedier and more responsive user interfaces in contemporary front-end development.

Brotli and Gzip Compression

It is so easy to reduce file-sized requests with the aid of compression tools like gzip and Google's Brotli.

You'll see that the PNG's compression ratio is somewhat dull when you contrast it with the CSS and JS files. wix website redesign Text-based files with a high repetition rate are ideal candidates for Gzip and Brotli because they can be compressed more successfully.


A typical user now anticipates that websites load in under 3 seconds. If this expectation barrier isn't met, you lose a lot of website visitors and, consequently, money. Therefore, regardless of the size, wix website redesign website speed is the top issue for any owner of a digital product who must regularly monitor it.

A slow website is disliked by all. I thus hope that the reason you came to this blog post has been fulfilled and that you now have a clearer grasp of the benefits of hiring a full-stack developer or team to enhance website speed.

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